aarón montoya-moraga

~ since 1989 ~

Aarón Montoya-Moraga is a Brooklyn-based Chilean artist, electrical engineer and educator who specializes in writing software for audiovisual interactive installations and live performances and media arts learning material in English and Spanish. His main interests are empathy, identity, performance art, synthesizers, machine learning and using computers for feelings and inner world real time expression.

He is currently a research resident at the Interactive Telecommunications Program, Tisch School of the Arts, New York University, where he graduated on a full scholarship from the Chilean Ministry of Education. He co-founded CODED, a school for media arts based in Santiago de Chile, where he writes learning material for media arts and teaches workshops using Python, Processing, p5.js, ChucK and Pure Data for poetry, visual art and sound art.

He has worked as a software programmer and English-to-Spanish translator for theProcessing Foundation, Critter & Guitari and performance artist María José Contreras Lorenzini. His work has been exhibited at World Maker Faire, NYC Computer Science Fair, alt-ai, Santiago Off, among others.

As a musical artist, he is part of Va la paloma, a noise multimedia duo based in Santiago de Chile, and a member of the Posternura artists collective. He performs solo as Víctor Raúl y sus Maquinitas, a one-man audiovisual band.